My Sources of Inspiration

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David duChemin

David excels in his role as a humanitarian photographer as his emotive photographs are clearly the focal point on his webpage. The simplistic theme design enables the viewer to truly gaze upon and appreciate his art. The theme doesn’t try to overpower the images – they have their own voice. I incorporated this on my site by using a predominately white backdrop. Additionally, David’s use of a sidebar, enables one to easily navigate the site. I tried to include this aspect in mine, by clearly linking to my other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 8.45.05 am.pngMargot Lee

Margot’s intrinsically simple and clean aesthetic may be classified as basic, but she balances this with colourful collages she makes for each article. These capture the reader’s attention. I incorporated this in my blog, as I enjoy having ‘quirky’ collages, acting as focal points. I also was inspired to include a mini collage of images of myself in the bio, to make the site seem more personal.

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Salty Luxe

Sarah, the site’s creator, posts of her extraordinary travel experiences. I enjoyed the page’s high level of interactiveness, as Sarah constantly includes links to related websites. Her site’s navigation is also very user-friendly; constantly highlighting and using distinguishing colours on specific sentances to exaggerate the main point of interest. Which is something I have specifically utilised, as it helps ensure your blog posts can effectively and efficiently convey their messages.

*I do not own the above logos – all rights are reserved to the site owners*


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