This is a story about art. About art’s ability to inspire the uninspired. To help reignite a writer’s flame, when it was beginning to dim. Follow the artistic journey, made possible by the rediscovery that art is everywhere. If you’re seeking inspiration, simply seek out art.

Our fist stop on this artistic journey, is to watch the short video below. Which was directed and written by, yours truly. Starring the ever brilliant, Jack Shaw. With music composed by Joakim Karud.


Next stop on our list is to head on over to Soundcloud to listen to our writer’s realisation about art, and its place within our culture.

Finally, after you have viewed all of the above narrative vehicles, you are invited to view my Instagram account. Here, you can revisit our writer, and follow along on his journey of enlightenment visually. Simply click on my account over there, on the right of your preferred viewing screen. Or alternatively, click here to be redirected.




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